Quality Expo - A Resource Exchange Platform for Quality Managers

In line with the rapid advancement of China’s economy and the persistent growth of industrial technology sectors, the market demand for inspection and testing services has experienced a rapid surge, driven by the steady enhancement of national living standards and heightened community awareness towards environmental protection, quality, and safety. By the end of 2022, China had a total of 52,769 inspection and testing organizations, representing a year-on-year increase of 1.58%. The annual operating income was 427,584 million yuan, reflecting a year-on-year increase of 4.54%.

As a resource exchange and communication platform for quality managers, Quality Expo gathers outstanding suppliers of testing, measurement, inspection, and calibration equipment and supplies at home and abroad. In addition, multiple quality conferences will be held, attracting thousands of engineers to collaborate and shape a new business environment within the realm of quality, bridging the gaps between industry, academia, and research.

Exhibition Highlights:

1. Leaders from government, research institutes, and national testing organizations gathers at the exhibition

Quality Expo has established several forums on quality-related topics during the event, inviting experts from various sectors such as the government, research institutions, national testing organizations, and leading testing companies. These forums serve to discuss and analyze the current hot topics in the industry, providing the latest information on standards related to medical device regulation and quality management. Additionally, they aim to develop effective implementation strategies for the attendees. Previously, experts from organizations such as the Institute for Medical Device Standard Administration of National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute, the FDA Office in China, RAC Global, and SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have been invited to share their insights and expertise.

2. Hundreds of testing institutions communicate on the same platform

China’s inspection and testing industry is characterized by a large number of “small, scattered, and weak” organizations. As the significance of testing and inspection activities in production and life continues to grow, the industry is facing increased standardization and higher entry thresholds. The once-dispersed testing and inspection market is now subject to intensified market competition, which has compressed the industry’s profitability. Small and medium-sized testing and inspection organizations are developing in a relatively unregulated manner, and the rising regulatory costs associated with their production and operation are exerting significant pressure on their development. The Quality Expo will bring together over 100 suppliers of industrial precision measurement, testing products, and instrumentation on the same stage, providing an opportunity to discuss the industry’s pain points.

3. Tap into the resources of 10,000 medical devices buyers

Quality Expo will co-located with Medtec China 2024. As one of the global MedTechWorld series exhibitions, Medtec China have brought nearly a thousand suppliers of medical design and R&D, raw materials, accessories, processing technology and manufacturing services to China’s medical device industry form 27 countries and regions, its visitors expect will up to 80,000.

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